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It’s a new year for many who are teachers, students and in families with young children. It is almost fall, a season full of deep colours and crisp mornings. Depending on your stage of life, your vocation or your health, different seasons of the year can elicit a different level of energy and attention, they can be times of rest or high activity, seasons of emotional pain or of rejoicing, or they can be times of blossoming health or temporary illness. For me, a perpetual student, a mother of three students and a wife and sister to four teachers, September is always my new year and a time to make positive changes and reorganize. I have had the question asked of me this summer, “what are the rhythms in your family?” And then there’s the never ending question that is always on my mind and on the minds of those in my sphere of influence “what are you doing to ensure health, balance and self-care for yourself and thus your family?” I know the two are related, but I wonder if “rhythms” is just our new catch phrase, or if they are meaningful enough that I can help my children, patients, and friends develop them. I am pondering what rhythms I have and do they really make a difference?

Homeopathy is not just about medicine and symptoms. It is not only available to you to cure or improve ailments (though it can do that very well!). Homeopathic care and treating ailments in this fashion is more about an evolving mindset; a healing of symptoms and dis-ease in your body, and a growing understanding of the effects of our life experiences and choices on our bodies…there is a lesson to be learned about prevention. (Note: I am not referring to injuries, life threatening diseases or serious genetic abnormalities; I am referring to common ailments such as recurring colds, fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, headaches, depression, PMS, high BP etc.)

So what part of our perception regarding prevention needs to evolve?
It’s not the common concept of prevention with increased supplements, vaccines and medicines,
but a growing and developing understanding of what converging factors got you into this place of sickness
and what needs to change so that you don’t repeat the cycle.

Ask yourself….
Who am I?
What do I need?
What do I value?
What activity energizes me?
Do I nourish my strengths?
What emotions drain me?
Can I rest?
Am I making healthy food choices?
What about my media choices, work choices and social choices?
Am I listening to my body when it tries to communicate to me?
Am I ok with how I was created, and do I work with what I have?

Do I have rhythms in my life that feed me emotionally, physically and spiritually?

Our culture today is one of over-indulgence, social media, high expectations, fast paces and fast foods. One of the best forms of prevention of future dis-ease comes in the action of slowing down one’s mind and body long enough to be present in the moment and mindful of your environment; to be willing and available to work through your concerns and celebrate your successes; to allow your body the opportunity to tell you what it needs, and for you to trust in what it says; to have the freedom to know when you need help and the time to get it.

All this happens by creating Rhythms and Routines in your life!

Sleep Wake routines
Exercise regimes that revive you
Creative outdoor opportunities like sunrise walks, Yoga in the park,
Jogging business meetings, geocaching, or bike rides then a coffee with friends.
Food menus and farmer’s markets
Suppers together
Family games night or regular date nights
Turning OFF the cell phone and iPad – regularly
Full days or just moments of rest
Intentional connections through positive relationships
Story times or snuggles with children
Small pockets of time to read
Moments of meditation and stillness

What does your week look like?

Start this new school year or this upcoming fall season with a new rhythm in your life that feeds who you are and leads you in a healthy direction. Your schedule already too full? Be courageous and cut out activities, foods, and distractions that you already know to be unhealthy FOR YOU! It’s worth it, you’re worth it!

An added factor in my family, something that is part of our rhythm, is the support of a circle of wellness professionals whom I trust and rely on for advice, regular care, and support during times of crisis. It makes a huge difference to have these relationships established in advance.

Are you struggling with your health and not even close to the prevention stage? Would you benefit from homeopathic care? Give me a call and we can discuss it!


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