Homeopathy is my love and my passion. It is an amazing form of medicine that is complementary to so many other types of wellness supports such as Massage, Chiropractor, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Bioenergetics, Nutrition, supplements, as well as most allopathic medicines and treatments. Homeopathy is highly debated in today's media and there are strong opinions on either side. There is evidence both experiential and scientific, research is still being done world wide proving that homeopathy is effective. It has been the main form of medicine in Europe and India for decades. It came to America in 1825 and at its peak there were 22 homeopathic medical schools and more than 100 homeopathic hospitals in the U.S. Homeopathy in America experienced a decline in the mid-1900s and has made a strong resurgence since the 1970s.

We all need to create a toolbox of wellness tools to help us create and maintain a healthy body and mind. Homeopathy is a strong, multi-functional tool that can help every family. Together with Bioenergetics, it is a dynamic duo to create lasting balance and wellness.

A great example is of a patient of mine who is a healthy middle age male who experiences kidney stones and high blood pressure. He has a well balanced diet, is physically active, and has a calm and relaxed personality, Homeopathic remedies have been working very well dealing with the kidney stones and other minor aches and pains , but the high BP seems to be genetic and not responding to the remedies. In this case, BIE is a perfect compliment.


Services provided

Homeopathy - initial intake for a specific condition (ie. menopause symptoms) or overall wellness concerns (ie. exhausted and anxious) with needed follow ups that range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the patient

Bioenergetics - initial testing with follow up visits depending on the extent of the intolerance. See our BIE FAQ for more information.

Homeopathy and BIE appointments together are available to discuss and work with all facets of what is happening in your body for those who choose to work with both wellness tools.

Mental wellness - lifestyle coaching and mental support for those already in my practice that want more focused time discussing their mental health and doing the work to make changes to their belief's, attitudes or behaviors that is affecting their health.

Detox suggestions - annual re-boot cleanse or other detox's are available upon request.

See the fee schedule for all costs.

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