Homeopathy is ideal for all stages of life for a wide range of conditions. It is safe during pregnancy, for infants and children, for the elderly, and even for people with serious, chronic diseases. Homeopathic medicines work with your specific immune system to restore it back to balance; it treats your whole system, not just specific symptoms. This allows everyone to benefit from its healing capabilities.
Homeopathy can offer relief in many stages of illness from acute trauma (i.e. a hit to the head) to childbirth to long-term, chronic conditions. But there are a few limitations with certain progressive pathologies such as severe heart disease, end stage cancer, fast moving MS, Parkinson’s or other diseases involving advanced structural changes. Some conditions do require surgery, and homeopathy is a wonderful complement to the healing process before and after to help ease both body and mind. Homeopathy does have many benefits and even individuals requiring palliative care will often start to feel more at ease and comfortable with themselves when receiving supportive homeopathic treatment. The results are individual, but often include increased energy & awareness, stabilized appetite, greater enjoyment of life and improved sleep.
Homeopathic medicines come from a variety of natural sources including plants, animals, minerals and metals. They are highly diluted, vigorously shaken solutions that are only ever tested by healthy human volunteers, known as provers. Their symptoms are recorded and verified before forming each medicinal remedy profile. These results are then studied, culled and published before the remedies are available to homeopaths to prescribe. There are currently over 4,000 homeopathic medicines regulated by Canadian Homeopathic Pharmacies who are required by law to follow strict guidelines and provide DIN numbers.
The Homeopath regards your symptoms of illness as evidence that your body is attempting to restore balance. That is why a Homeopath will choose a medicinal remedy that supports your body’s innate efforts. With the correct homeopathic medicine, there are no side effects, and the person is restored to health naturally with a greater sense of well-being.
  • Read the prescription carefully to find out how many doses of the medicine you are to take and when.
  • A single dose is usually two pellets.
  • The pellets are made of milk sugar with the medicine on the outer surface, so it is preferable that you do not handle the pellets. From a vial, shake a dose into the cap and drop the pellets directly into your mouth. From an envelope, use a spoon to remove the remedy.
  • Allow the medicinal remedy to dissolve in your mouth. Do not chew or swallow. The medicine is absorbed through the mucus of your mouth.
  • Take your remedy 15 minutes away from food or drink (before and after).
The first appointment will last approximately 2 hours. I am interested in the details of your health and body as a whole; I want to understand how you experience illness on a physical and mental-emotional level. Your body continually expresses patterns and unique qualities during sickness and health as seen, not only in your ailment, but in your sleeping, cravings, digestion, appetite, perspiration, feelings, stress responses and expressions. You will have the time and freedom to speak about all your concerns in a non-rushed atmosphere. You will find visiting a homeopath is a little different than what you might experience with your traditional doctor. It is well worth the time to accurately and compassionately understand how you function as a whole being; it is you, the patient, who needs treatment, not the disease. Think of it as painting a picture with all your symptoms together creating your own unique portrait. Your symptom picture is then matched to a similar homeopathic medicine which helps stimulate your body into healing. Unlike a “one size fits all” approach, no two people with the same disease will necessarily receive the same homeopathic medicine. I may or may not give you a medicinal remedy at the initial appointment; especially for long standing chronic complaints. I may take a day to consider all aspects of your case.
This depends very much on what sort of illness you have. A very slowly developing complaint will not disappear overnight, but other complaints can go quite quickly.For example, an individual who has been suffering from IBS or Fibromyalgia for 10 years will experience healing in a slow and gradual progression, in contrast to a child with an ear infection or an adult with acid reflux who may experience results in just a couple of days. Generally, we expect to see some reaction within the first month. Complicated cases are healed from the inside, working outwards. Be patient, it is much better for you to be relieved of both the cause of your illness and its symptoms rather than merely masking the symptoms. Every case is different, just as no two people are alike.
Vaccinations can be a hot topic with our generation. The amount of information available can be overwhelming and knowing who to trust and what to believe is difficult. Childhood vaccinations are a personal choice and can it can be a difficult decision for parents because they love and want to protect their children. Choosing to vaccinate comes with its own risks, yet choosing to not vaccinate your children comes with responsibility and preparedness. The decision does not have to be made immediately at birth, whether you vaccinate or not it is best to wait as long as possible (preferably after year 2) so that your child’s immune system can develop and you get to know how your child expresses sickness and what their sensitivities are. I am willing to help you be educated to make the right decision for your family and willing to guide you in your preparations whether you fully vaccinate, partially vaccinate, delay vaccinations, or chose to not vaccinate at all. Please contact me for an information brochure and look under links and resources for websites and books you can access to educate yourself. Did you know that I provide a Free Homeopathic Flu Prevention Program for those opting to not take the traditional flu shot from Oct to May? Contact me for an appointment to fill in the forms and pick up your seasonal supply. Did you know that there are Malaria, Meningitis (HiB), Yellow Fever, and Heb B vaccination alternatives for when you travel? To find out more information and get started right, please set up an appointment a few months in advance of travel.
Antidotes are substances which have been found to alter or cease the effectiveness of a Homeopathic medicine. Some examples of these are:
  • Menthol
  • Camphor
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tiger Balm
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Hair dye, hair perms
  • Dental treatments (excluding check-ups)
While receiving homeopathic treatment, it is suggested to avoid or minimize your exposure to these substances.
Naturopathy uses a range of natural healing options with Homeopathy being one of the options. A good comparison would be to consider your family doctor who is diverse in their approach and treatment versus a specialist who is focused. A Homeopath concentrates their years of study on this one medical system. Some Naturopaths have chosen to receive extra post graduate training specifically in Homeopathy for the benefit their patients. A Naturopath has the fundamental belief that if you create the best environment possible in the body through detox, food, supplements, and supports, it is capable of healing itself. This does require the patient to maintain the nutritional, theraputic support for longer periods of time. In contrast, Homeopathy says that you do need the right stimuli (nutrition, clean water & air, work, relationships) to heal but when true disease is present, it will continue to get worse even if the environment is perfect. A theraputic approach will not be sufficient, you need medicinal remedies to eradicate the disease. Most often the Naturopath will use the medical philosophy of “opposites” to decide on a treatment plan. For example, if the patient is experiencing menopausal hot flashes, they may consider a supplement or remedy that would cause the body to feel the opposite, colder. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine also treat in a very similar manner. This is very different from the homeopathic view that believes true healing comes when treating using the way of “similars”. In this example a Homeopath would give her “hot” patient a hot medicine with a similar display of heat and hot flashes to provoke the system to rid itself of the problem. Many times cure is available without long term medicine use and at a fraction of the cost. Just because a practitioner is using the little white pellets (Homeopathic medicine) doesn’t mean they are treating homeopathically; it’s all in the prescribing philosophy. Both are regulated professions in Ontario. Homeopathic medicines are also different from Botanical preparations in that they have been diluted to a micro-dose of their original substance.
A Professional Homeopathic Physician has completed a 3-4 year training program at an accredited Homeopathic College. They study anatomy, pathology, nutrition, intense advanced homeopathic studies and they have extensive clinic experience. Yearly continuing education is also mandatory.

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