Prior to an initial homeopathic assessment, new patients are asked to complete the patient intake forms. These forms are designed to help individuals reflect on any and all issues of concern either mentally, emotionally or physically. Patients are asked to please submit these forms online AFTER the 15 minute introduction phone call. From that call, an initial consultation may be booked and the intake form will then be required.  Thank you.

Insurance Information

Homeopathy is now covered by many extended health care plans including:

  • Blue Cross
  • Desjardin Financial
  • Green Shields
  • Liberty Health
  • Maritime Life
  • Sunlife
  • Manulife

Please check with your employer for details on your coverage. If you have extended health plan benefits through your employer, homeopathy may be covered directly up to a pre-determined dollar amount/year. Alternatively, you might have a plan that has a section allowing a certain dollar amount for Complementary Services, in which case homeopathy could be selected. Otherwise, your plan may offer you the option as to how you wish your health care dollars spent, in which case you could opt for homeopathic care.

If your employer does not currently cover homeopathic treatment please inform them that you would like to see homeopathic treatments covered by your insurance plan. Homeopathic treatment is one of the most cost effective medical treatments available.

Whether you have coverage through an extended health care plan or not, you can still claim homeopathic care under “Medical Expense” on your Income Tax Return.

Please Note: Receipts are provided after each consultation.

Service Area

Greater Kingston Area

In-person appointments available in the Greater Kingston area, including:

Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments available Canada-wide

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