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As a Homeopath, many times I will use tissue salts in my prescriptions, along with homeopathic medicines.  Homeopathic medicines are made from plants, animals, minerals, metals, and tissue that when taken in its purest liquid form, being diluted and successed, it can treat the body on a cellular level.  We choose the right homeopathic medicine based on the law of similars, matching it to the illness as the patient has experienced it and to the overall physical, mental, and emotional characteristics of the patient.

Tissue salts, though homeopathic in nature, are based on the biochemical structure of the blood and its ability to supply, create and balance all tissues in the body – having the right components in the correct concentration.  When deficiencies in the blood and cells arise, the structure and functionality of the body suffer. Thus, when I choose to use tissue salts as a solution, it is based on chemistry and function verses homeopathic principles.

The blood is made up of organic and inorganic substances. 91.5% of blood plasma is water. 7% is proteins. And 1.5% is salts, nutrients, hormones, enzymes and waste products.  Salts contained in the blood are calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, silicea, iron, sulphur, phosphorus, chloride, and bicarbonate. Our blood contains all the body needs to nourish and create; it supplies all the needs of each individual organ to function.

Tissue Salts work by re-establishing  cell balance. They supplement the cells by helping them absorb, through the blood, all they need to function. For example, a hard-working farmer with painful calf cramps after a day’s work finds no relief taking magnesium vitamins. Yet, with the introduction of Mag Phos tissue salts, he is no longer suffering. Why? Because the salts are balancing out the cell’s deficiency, allowing his body to absorb the magnesium he needs in his calves for them to function as they should.  Often, I see anaemic patients, still experiencing the effects of low iron in their blood after months of taking iron supplements. After the addition of Ferrum Phos tissue salts, their iron levels balance out, their energy improves, and they are healthier overall. The tissue salt balanced out the iron (ferrum) needs in the cell, allowing the body to use the ingested iron effectively.

From “The Twelve Tissue Salts of Schuessler” here are just a few examples of the main inorganic materials found in these important cells.

Nerve-cells are Magnesia phos., Kali phos., Natrum and Ferrum.  Muscle-cells contain the same, with the addition of Kali mur.
Connective tissue-cells have Silica, while that of the elastic tissue-cells is Calcarea fluor.
In bone-cells we have Calcarea fluor. and Magnesia phos. and a large proportion of Calcarea phos. Also found in the cells of muscle, nerve, brain and connective tissue.
Cartilage and mucous cells have for their specific inorganic material Natrum mur., which is found also in all solid and fluid parts of the body.
Hair and the crystalline lens contain, among other inorganic substances, Ferrum.

The beauty of Tissue Salts is that they are simple to take and are quite gentle and safe for all ages and ailments. They don’t interfere with your homeopathic remedy’s, supplements or Dr prescribed medications.

My suggestion for dosage is primarily for acute needs – such as a cold, broken arm, ingrown nail, blisters and boils, fluid in the ear after swimming, sleeplessness after a big event, and the like. For more long-term supplementation, please ask a qualified homeopath or naturopath.

During your ailment, please take 2 chewable pellets twice daily for 3-5 days. Though it is a case by case basis, some ailments such as a broken arm, require Calc Phos and Calc Flor to be taken only once daily but for the full duration of the casting; while a cold with runny nose, or a cold sore, requires twice a day for only 3-5 days.

Below is a chart to help you know when to use Tissue Salts in your home for yourself or your family.


12 Tissue Salts

Elastic tissue builder ~ Bones, teeth, blood vessels, skin ~ Hardened glands ~ Varicose veins, stretch marks, hemorrhoids ~ Fluoride for children

Tonic after long illness ~ Bone healer / fractures ~ Promotes growth in young children; Growing pains ~ Swollen glands, inflamed tonsils
CALC SULPH Boils; thick yellow pus ~ Blood purifier, cleanser, a component of bile ~ Cleanser in chronic infections (pus)
FERR PHOS 1st aid, any bleeding or chronic blood loss ~ nose bleeds ~ 1st stage colds, fevers, sore throat ~ Health of all cells in general
KALI MUR Brain, muscles ~ 1st stage cold; stringy white discharge ~ White coating on tongue ~ Soft swollen glands ~ Mucus, fluid in ears; Ear infections, swimmers ear ( it keeps the fluid moving) ~ Shingles, warts, pustular rashes, acne
KALI PHOS Mental states of nervousness, sleeplessness ~ Over excitement ~ Over study & brain fag
KALI SULPH Thick yellow or yellow-green, slimy, bland discharge ~ 3rd stage colds, inflammation ~
MAG PHOS Nerves, muscles ~ Anti-spasmodic ~ cramping pains ~ Shooting, darting pains ~ Menses, colic, bowel spasms ~ Headaches, tooth aches, earaches
NAT MUR Intracellular fluids; affinity to water, carries moisture to the cells ~ Cold sores, watery blisters ~ Hay fever, sunstroke ~ 1st stage cold – sneezing, drippy nose ~ Topical on insect bites, esp. with watery blisters
NAT PHOS Acid neutralizer ~ Stomach ache after fatty foods, acidy feeling ~ Sour belching, yellow mucus from sinuses ~ Arthritis, rheumatism
NAT SULPH Flu; yellow-green discharge ~ Liver conditions, gallstones, yellow bile ~ First aide in Concussion after Arnica ~ Cleanser ~ Lactic acid buildup
SILICA Boils, abscesses, splinters ~ Cleanser – pushes stuff out   ie. Ingrown hair/ toenail or a sliver ~ Constipation in babies ~ Hair, nails, connective tissue ~ Poor nourishment

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