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My name is Sandra O’Grady and I am the owner and homeopath at Gentle Wellness Homeopathy and BIE. This is my 12th year as a professional homeopath, 15 if you include my supervision years.  I’ve grown up in Ontario but was blessed to have also lived in western Canada for many years, as well as in Sweden. I have 3 “emerging adult” children, a supportive and funny husband, and a large extended family. As I have aged, family has become more important to me in general but also because being connected into a larger family community reminds me that love and grace must be a priority in my life and frankly, I am a better person and happier when love and grace lead my way.

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Fever’s and Homeopathic Treatment Options

Fevers are a part of an extraordinary and intricate healing process; they are usually an indication of increased activity from the immune system. Our defense system uses a fever as a stimulus to destroy invading organisms and promote health. Many times, at the first sign of fever we try to lower or extinguish it with medicine (from a drug store or herbal supply) assuming it is a sickness that needs to be immediately addressed. Actually, it is only a sign from our body communicating with us that it is overheated (i.e. too long in the sun or sitting in a hot car) or that there is a possible underlying infection that it is attempting to remedy. Although a fever signals that a battle might be going on in the body, the fever is fighting for, not against, the person. Read more

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