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    Sandra O'Grady HOM.

    Registered Homeopath and
    Bioenergetic practitioner
    Reg. #15078

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    With the recent changes to improved programs and higher security in remote medical appointments, patients can access care from homeopaths all over the world.  Zoom, Skype, and Phone consultations have become very popular and are used in my practice daily with clients across Canada and the United States.  Useful for local clients  who work from home and want an appointment during their lunch hour or while their child sleeps.  Feeling unwell, injured or unable to travel due to lack of vehicle or babysitting are also common reasons to book a remote appointment.

    Remedies can be mailed to you (for a nominal fee), within Canada, if you can not access them in your town. In the USA, I have contacts with companies that you can order from if your local town does not sell homeopathic remedies.

    The cost is the same and initial intake forms are still required. Please inquire.

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    1124 Slumber Lane
    Sydenham, ON
    K0H 2T0

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