Stressor testing is a natural screening method known as biofeedback analysis. It is used to obtain information from the body to determine the energetic level of intolerance of a given stressor. Biofeedback analysis is natural, non-invasive and painless. Even children are comfortable with it. No needles required.

It is not a means of testing allergens that produce allergic reactions, nor is it intended for diagnostic measures. It is not intended to replace allopathic testing procedures of a licensed medical physician.
No. We don’t support any claims to diagnose, treat, cure or eliminate anaphylaxis. We work with the body in general to help it become balanced. Once we determine what stressors are causing a person’s health issues – for example, chemicals, dusts, molds, foods, electro-magnetic fields, pollens etc., through use a specialized instrument, we’re able to reintroduce the energetic signature, or frequency of the stressing substance (in this case the nuts) back into the body in order to recognize it.

Once the body is balanced, it can discern between good and bad, harmful and non-harmful substances and deal with each one accordingly. Therefore, it shouldn’t overreact to otherwise harmless substances. Only your medical Doctor will be able to tell whether or not you can expose yourself to the substance. However, we’ve had many people tell us they’ve had remarkable improvement with their allergy symptoms after having BIE sessions. The body can heal itself from virtually ANY health issue once it’s in a balanced or homeostatic state.
Acupuncture simply uses needles to unblock energy in the body to help the body heal. BIE not only unblocks discordant energy; it reintroduces the stressor energy back into the body to help it recognize the stressors and achieve homeostasis. Therefore it no longer reacts to the stressing substance.
Everyone is unique. Many individuals need only one session per stressor, but some need up to 4 sessions – for the following reasons:
  • Client undergone a period of excessive stress after the previous session or been exposed to strong electromagnets fields and their meridians may have been blocked again.
  • Stronger stressors usually require more then one BIE session.
  • Hydration is very important, so if the client is dehydrated, it will affect the body’s ability to balance.
  • The client has candida overgrowth or high toxicity levels, this may require 3 to 4 BIE sessions to achieve homeostasis.
  • We may need to acquire another stressor substance sample from the same category (ie. A granny smith apple as apposed to a red delicious apple or a second perfume sample apart from the one the client was exposed to.)
  • Sometimes, due to the antibody response mechanism, the body just needs more time to normalize before homeostasis can be achieved.
  • Energy/Stamina Balance – (approx. 5 BIE sessions) *Candida cleanse, * supplements
  • Adrenal Balance - (approx. 5 BIE sessions) *supplements
  • Thyroid Balance - (approx. 5 BIE sessions)
  • Acid/Alkaline Balance - (approx. 5 BIE sessions)
  • Cardiovascular Balance - (approx. 5 BIE sessions)
  • Iron Balance - approx. (approx. 3 BIE sessions) *supplements
  • Blood Pressure Balance - (approx. 7 BIE sessions) *supplements
  • Blood Sugar Balance - (approx. 5 BIE sessions)
  • Kidney Balance - approx. (approx. 3 BIE sessions)
  • Colon Balance - approx. (approx. 3 BIE sessions) *supplements
  • Stress Balance - (approx. 3 BIE sessions) *supplements
  • Reproductive Balance - (approx. 5-7 BIE sessions) - *Candida cleanse required
  • Skin Balance - (approx. 5 BIE sessions)
  • Bone Balance - (approx. 5 BIE sessions) *supplements
  • Travel package - (approx. 3 BIE sessions)

* The Italicized are optional, however strongly suggested.

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